Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelly Moore Thomas

The Seven Tales of Trinket was a delightful book.  It is divided into 7 parts, each telling a certain tale.  They all follow a girl named Trinket and her friend Thomas the pig boy as she embarks on an adventure after he mother dies to find her father and, in the process, become a bard like he is.  Following a map of her father's that he had left behind before he left when she was three, Trinket and Thomas befriend a fourteen-telling gypsy girl, seek a child stolen by selkies, confront a banshee, outwit the dangerous fairy queen, fight a ghostly highwayman, and save a baby prince from death.  However, it is the seventh tale that changes her future forever.  I really enjoyed TSTT and would recommend it to boys or girls ages 10-14.  It was 360 pages long, however, they were rather small pages, so the book isn't quite as long as it sound.  Anyway, Happy Reading!