Sunday, January 20, 2013

Girls Best Friend by Leslie Margolis

First of all, sorry for the gap in posting, I was on Christmas break and then I just kept forgetting to go to the library. Any here's my review. For Maggie, life isn't to bad. Until Ivy, her best friend until Ivy ditched her in middle school, has her dog stolen. Maggie, being a lover of animals, especially that dog and a dog walker, has to help. However, Maggie soon discovered that not only one dog had been stolen. Of course Maggie also must do this while secretly walking dogs. Oh, and the book takes place in Brooklyn. Anyway I loved this book and was very pleased with it fans of Nancy Drew should defiantly check this out but any girl age 10-14 might want to check this out. If you like this book, you should try Nancy Drew books, the Trixie Belden books, and the sequel to this book, Vanishing Acts (Vanishing Acts would also work as a stand alone book) Happy Reading, Little New Yorker!