Sunday, August 26, 2012

Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

An interesting mash-up of historical fiction and si-fi genres, Running Out of Time was a very interesting book.  It follows the adventures of Jesse, a 13 year old girl who discovers that she isn't really living in the 1800's.  As a matter of fact, She's living in a modern tourist site similar to Plymouth tourist site.  The catch, none of the kids know they are being watched, although the adults do.  When an epidemic occurs that kills several people and the doctor mysteriously stops handing out pills, Jessie's mother gives her some modern clothes and and helps her escape to get help.  But for someone who's never seen a car, telephone, or a TV, getting help will be harder then you would think.  Running Out of Time was a very interesting book and I really enjoyed it.  It was 192 pages long.  I recommend it for kids ages 8-12.  If you liked it, I suggest reading any of Haddix's other book, but especially the Shadow Children series.  Happy Reading, NNYer

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