Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mirage by Jenn Reese

As I was browsing through the library the other day, I had a stack of books about a foot high when I was only half way done browsing the children's section. Due to the fact that I love in an apartment and only have so much space to keep books, I told myself I would only pick up books of they were absolute must reads. Mirage certainly fit into that category. Last year I picked up Above World, which Mirage is the sequel to, on a whim. I loved it and could not wait for the sequel. Naturally, I was very excited when Mirage came out. Mirage picks up where Above World left off (if you have not read Above World, you may be a bit confused by this review. Sorry). Fathom has recently been defeated at the Hydro-Dome and Aluna, Hoku, Calli, and Dash, four friends from very different places, are on their way to the desert, to warn the Equians of the dangers of Karl Strand. Unfortunately, Scorch, Strand's eviler, female clone, got there first and has the Equian leader in her clutches. All hope may be lost for the Equians, Aviars, and Kampii if the four friends cannot figure out how to wrestle the leadership of the powerful Equians out of the hands of Scorch. Mirage was a wonderful book and I highly recommend it to girls and boys ages 10-14. This was a little romance and a little violence, but similar to Above World, nothing to be concerned about. Mirage was 356 pages long, and if you liked it, try reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series or the Hunger Games Trilogy for older reads. Happy reading, Little New Yorker!

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