Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

I learned something from this book that I probably never would have learned anywhere else. A Wahoo is a type of fish! Who woulda thunk it (Carl Hiaasen, evidently)? Anyway, Chomp, like may a book, starts out in a suburban home. But this home is no ordinary home. You see, Mr. Cray, the head of the house, is an animal wrangler. Wahoo Cray (named after the wrestler, NOT the fish), his son, knows their mortgage paymest are long due. When egotistical TV (not really) reality star Derek Bager shows up offering 1000$ a day to provide animals for his show Expedition! Survival, Wahoo excepts. After a crazy incident with an aligator, Derek deciders to do his own stuns. The Cray men he'd out into the FL Everglades with a friend they pick up along the way. When Derek goes missing and the friend's dad show up waving a gun around, Wahoo get way more than he bargained for. Chomp, like all of Hiaasen's books, was great. I'd review then too, but I read them a while ago so I'm not really sure of the details (and I never re read a book). Anyway it's totally worth you time to read Chomp. I'd recommend it for boys or girls ages 10-13. Happy Chomping, Native New Yorker! PS I'm looking for a new pen name, any suggestions?

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