Saturday, September 15, 2012

Countdown by Deborah Wiles

This book was probably not very well thought through. There were two big problems, but first I'll have to give you some background. There are many things I've noticed as a reader, the two you need to know now are these:
1. Kids often like to read about kids who are the same age or (more often) older then themselves
2. If you're younger then 10 you probably won't be reading very big (300+ Pgs.) books.
This book is about a young girl who is beginning 5th grade, who lived during The Cuban Missile Crisis. It is 400 pages long. As someone older than Franny, the protagonist, I found the story a bit young. But I know my younger sister (who is 10) would have been bored by it and probably never have finished the book. So really, unless you really, really like historical fiction, I can't recommend this book to anyone. Happy Reading anyway, NNY'er!

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