Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

The title of the book makes it sound like a book about bugs. DLL is not a book about bugs. The plot actually follow orphan Jeshua 'Judy' Abbot as she attends college. However, she's there by strange circumstances. When she graduated high school, Judy thought she was doomed to be sent off to a low paying, dead end job. Instead, a wealthy trustee of the orphanage in which she grew up agrees to send her through collage on two conditions.
1. She does not know his name
2. She sends him monthly letters
Judy readily agrees and soon gets caught up is college life; we learn about it through the letters she sends to the man she calls 'Daddy Long Legs', because although she doesn't know much about him, she knows he is tall. I personally loved getting caught of in Judy's world and I think many others would to. As learned when I bought the book, it is a classic, so a wide range of people would enjoy it, but I recommend it to girls 10+. Happy Reading, NNY'er

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